This site is an information site for trans masculine people in the UK. Many of the questions I discuss (e.g. name changes, equality legislation) will be generally relevant to all trans people (and indeed, often to other people too). In other areas of the site, especially the medical section, the focus on trans men and trans masculine issues will be more obvious.

To provide a bit of context. I am a UK based trans man. As far as I can recall, I first consciously realised I was trans somewhere around 1999. I started medical transition in 2003, at the age of 18.

Since that time, I’ve been involved in a variety of trans email lists, online forums, social media groups and face-to-face groups. I’ve noticed the same questions pop up again and again. This website aims to provide straightforward, accurate answers to those questions, from a UK perspective.

Where possible, I provide links to reliable sources where you can get more information or check out the facts for yourself. At times I also give my opinions, especially where concrete information are not available. I aim to make it extremely clear what information I can provide evidence for, and what is simply my opinion/experience.

I am not a doctor, lawyer or professional of any other type. The information I give here is intended to be useful, but should not be relied upon. If you need specific advice on your individual circumstances within the UK, the following may be good sources of free/low cost advice and support:

  • Your GP or other local health services (‘IAPT’ services can often offer NHS counselling for issues like depression and anxiety)
  • Citizen’s Advice Bureau
  • Trade Union (most have a specific LGBT group/network)
  • Local LGBT or trans centres, groups and forums.
  • Services such as Relate, domestic abuse outreach services,
  • Council housing and social services teams
  • The Samaritans.

It is not legal for these services to discriminate against you because you are trans.



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